“My Angel In Disguise”

I love you,

I love you, My angel in disguise.

I am lost inside your eyes,

I feel you in my dreams,

You hold me in your arms, so close.

I love you,

I love you, My dream come true,

Do not release me, hold on tight.

I love you,

Words cannot express,

I love you, you filled my emptiness.

I love you,

You have made my dreams come true,

I love you, Just for being you,

So real and true.

“The Uninsured”



Do you ever feel this way?



More swelling everyday.


What’s in store,

They don’t listen to what you say.

No insurance,

For reassurance,

So they kick you out to your dismay.


It’s the look in your eyes,

But it is anger in which stays.

I felt neglected,

I feel rejected,

My emotions have been deflected.

“Clock Watcher”


As I sit here watching the clock,

Time seems like it’s moving too slow,

All that’s left to do is dream about,

Is how I could have so much more.

Life is only fair when you make it that way,

Until another day passes and you’ve turned your head away,

I feel my life is just moving so slow,

If I don’t start to run I may never know.

And it’s over now,

I must move on somehow,

No looking back,

To the place I left behind.

So I still sit watching the clock,

But the time means nothing to me,

All that’s left to do is live my dream,

Just the way it was supposed to be.


Today is the day,

Today I feel I am so strong,

Today this will go my way,

Today, nothing can go wrong.

Tomorrow I will look back to today,

Tomorrow I will see what I have overcome,

Tomorrow I will not turn my head away,

Tomorrow, I will finish what I have wanted for so long.

It has been meant to be,

This strength that has come over me,

Soon enough you will all see,

Conquered, I am free.

“Who Is Listening?”

If a tree falls in the woods,

And there is no one there to hear it,

Does it make a sound?

Yes, someone is always listening,

Listening to every pin drop,

Listening to every thought,

Listening to the trees fall.

Yet, it is hard to believe,

Someone is listening,

When times are so hard,

When you feel so alone.

It is hard to believe,

Someone will be there to answer,

When you need it the most,

When you long for a simple solution.

Who is listening,

To every tear drop?

Who is listening,

To every wish I make?

I am troubled,

Are you listening?

I have been let down,

Can you pick me up?

I am crying,

Will you dry my tears?

My soul is dying,

Can you give me life?

I feel like giving up,

Will you help me walk this path?

As I sit and pray,

You listen to every word,

Now please take my hand and guide me,

Be my footprints in the sand.

Who is listening?

You are.

Who will answer me?

You will.

Who can help lead the way?

You can,

My footprints in the sand.

“Mind Power”


All of that consuming power,

Packed into one little pill,

Your mind becomes devoured,

And you are taken against your will.

At first it does not seem so bad,

You enjoy the relief it gives,

The pain that you once had,

Is no longer felt or lives.

Over time you start to ache again,

You begin to take more powerful pills,

Yet, that familiar feeling doesn’t come to an end,

It all seems to stand very still.

Now, here you are, relying on this drug,

Even though it is no longer assisting,

You don’t even see the concern in your beloved,

You are now mindless and begin resisting.

Blindness takes over your feelings,

Only the anger decides to remain,

You were once a very different being,

In such a beautiful way.

But there is still someone who believes highly in you,

And who knows you can overcome,

You can rise above and make it through,

Because you have the strength… more than some.

“Beautiful Being”

I perceive I am filled with confusion,

And I sense I am becoming an illusion,

If I were to die today,

What would my life leave to say?

My dreams seem too real to be untrue,

How crystal clear I can see right through,

Every object, everything,

This dream must have some great meaning.

I speak yet I hear no words spoken,

My balance is utterly broken,

I slip and set out to fall,

I scream but, again, no words at all.

Giving in, I spread my arms open,

Feeling a power of an unknown emotion,

Just like a bird with broken wings,

Falling freely through the surrounding trees.

There’s a sudden and deep impression to my chest,

I cannot help but question if I have been put to rest,

Such a difficult, unexplained feeling,

As I hear such elegant voices singing.

Now I know if I were to die today,

This wasn’t just a dream, which came my way,

This experience has made me realize,

I am a beautiful being in others’ eyes.

Mistakes… Too late,

What do I do if I have to wait?

Last chance, to take his hand,

One more dance to find out where we stand.

I take this time,

To close my eyes,

To see precisely what I did wrong in my life.

Suspended by my broken energy,

I never knew what he truly thought of me.

Please take my hand,

For one last dance,

Just understand,

Where we stand.

Who I am is a never-ending mystery,

To anyone and everyone, including me.

I grip a pass to a ride and it’s called “My Life,”

I wish you’d hold me tight so we can dance all night.

To feel your passion and soft whispers in my ear,

I hold this image so I know you’ll forever be here.

Oh, never let me go,

Oh, please never let me go.

“Take My Hand”