“A Falling Star”

A small dream,

Held by a big heart,

A love lost,

Longing a new start.

With no other choice,

Drowning in tears,

Only some hear his voice,

Only some lend their ears.

A dark smile,

Followed by a bright light,

And soon enough,

It has taken his life.

Not knowing what to do,

Or where else to go,

He slipped into a dream,

Only he will know.

This mass of destruction,

Taken over by pain,

Has caused his obstruction,

Where there were miles to gain.

So young, yet, so old,

So childish but wise,

He felt extreme cold,

As he closed his eyes.

Though he had so much to learn,

And so much more to see,

He felt a feeling… a strong burn,

This was meant to be.

He was loved by one,

He was loved by all,

But he fell very hard,

And it became his last fall.


4 thoughts on ““A Falling Star”

  1. J Karen Carr says:

    Very heartfelt, descriptive account of a vanished life.

  2. sirrah says:

    This story I know all too well.As they say,in the blink of an eye,life ends and begins.I lost my wife and son to a drunk driver.She died in my arms at the scene,our son 6 hours later at hospital.Our daughter witnessed this tragedy as well.To say anything more would be a waste of your comment space.I wish you inner peace.

    • Nothing said is a waste of comment space. I am speechless. I am very sorry to hear what you went through. I hope that you have come to find peace within yourself, as well. Keep your head up and stay strong because I am sure it is what they would have wanted for you.

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