“Panic Room”

One moment,

Full of life,

Seconds later,

I try to survive.

I feel myself slipping,

Deep into dark dreams,

I sense my chest gripping,

But can’t place what this means.

A strong intense shiver,

My body begins to quake,

My soul feels a quiver,

I am no longer awake.

My memory is gone,

There is darkness all around,

I do not feel strong,

When the panic surrounds.

All of a sudden,

I hear my name,

I feel like a burden,

So full of shame.

Now I am awake,

Yet, so unaware,

I’m surrounded by love,

I gave such a scare.

As my body aches,

From head to toe,

It is a feeling I believe,

Only I will know.

My mind is full of confusion,

I cannot seem to let it go,

I am over this intrusion,

Until, again, the panic shows.


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