Looking in the mirror,

I look once… I look twice,

Yet, I don’t see an image,

Until I close my eyes.

What is this vision?

Dreams with no meaning,

What shall I do,

With this I am seeing?

Where am I headed?

Seems like miles from gain,

Why am I embedded,

In a mound of pain?

So much confusion,

So much to ask,

Is this just an illusion?

Or possibly a mask?

I am lost in my own eyes,

Submersed in translation,

What can I call mine?

It seems there is no explanation.

An aura of bright light,

And this gives me a clue,

Should I live this life,

Always knowing what to do?

Do I hold my belief,

Where fate results in decision?

Or will it become a relief,

If I give into precision?

Light versus dark,

Joy versus Fear,

What will I embark?

Which of my fates are near?

So silent… So deadly,

So sad yet, so true,

Life is a medley,

Only meant for you.


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