The stars and the moons,

Galaxy upon galaxy,

Do not ask what you know is true,

Look to the sky and ask, “What is beyond me?”

The answers lie to all your questions,

In those bright orbits of fire,

There is no need to mention,

You will find what you desire.

If we as physical beings,

Could take off and fly,

If only we could grow wings,

We would find the answers to “What If?” and “Why?”

For now we can only imagine,

What lies deep within that tremendous sky,

And ponder on what would happen,

If we saw more than meets the eye.


4 thoughts on ““Beyond”

  1. J Karen Carr says:

    These poems are beautiful. They have a clean simplicity that communicates so much. Keep them coming!

    • Mary Hennessey says:

      Thank you very much! I will definitely keep them coming 🙂 I’ve been working on some newer pieces that I will post when they are complete.

  2. J Karen Carr says:

    I love this poem!

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