“Beautiful Being”

I perceive I am filled with confusion,

And I sense I am becoming an illusion,

If I were to die today,

What would my life leave to say?

My dreams seem too real to be untrue,

How crystal clear I can see right through,

Every object, everything,

This dream must have some great meaning.

I speak yet I hear no words spoken,

My balance is utterly broken,

I slip and set out to fall,

I scream but, again, no words at all.

Giving in, I spread my arms open,

Feeling a power of an unknown emotion,

Just like a bird with broken wings,

Falling freely through the surrounding trees.

There’s a sudden and deep impression to my chest,

I cannot help but question if I have been put to rest,

Such a difficult, unexplained feeling,

As I hear such elegant voices singing.

Now I know if I were to die today,

This wasn’t just a dream, which came my way,

This experience has made me realize,

I am a beautiful being in others’ eyes.


4 thoughts on ““Beautiful Being”

  1. sirrah says:

    Such a beautiful soul could write this with conviction!
    Well done:)

  2. you are a very beautiful being!

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