Today is the day,

Today I feel I am so strong,

Today this will go my way,

Today, nothing can go wrong.

Tomorrow I will look back to today,

Tomorrow I will see what I have overcome,

Tomorrow I will not turn my head away,

Tomorrow, I will finish what I have wanted for so long.

It has been meant to be,

This strength that has come over me,

Soon enough you will all see,

Conquered, I am free.

8 thoughts on ““Conquered”

  1. sirrah says:

    Once tomorrow is gone,today is all that’s left,until tomorrow

  2. beautiful one Mary. so full of optimism!

  3. Uzoma says:

    This is sheer optimism. I picture myself saying these words to my fears, set-backs, and disappointment. There is something about your poetry that speaks to me on a different, if not deeper level. Perhaps it’s because of the ease at which I understand every poem. Your words are capable odb reviving a dying man, Mary. I hope you that 😉

    • Your comment has just made me very happy and encourages me to keep writing. I intend to keep the poetry simple so that it can be read with ease and understood. Thank you again for the compliment!

      • Uzoma says:

        O that’s nice and thank you! What sometimes scares me from reading poems is the complexity of the story within, the extravagant use of words that makes me consult my dictionary line after line. In your poems, I hear a call to simplicity. And I’ve learnt a couple of interesting things already from your blog.

  4. I am very glad you enjoy my poetry and I am thankful that you keep reading what I have to say. It also makes me happy knowing that you have learned from what you have read. You are a great writer, as well, and I encourage you to keep writing!

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