“Who Is Listening?”

If a tree falls in the woods,

And there is no one there to hear it,

Does it make a sound?

Yes, someone is always listening,

Listening to every pin drop,

Listening to every thought,

Listening to the trees fall.

Yet, it is hard to believe,

Someone is listening,

When times are so hard,

When you feel so alone.

It is hard to believe,

Someone will be there to answer,

When you need it the most,

When you long for a simple solution.

Who is listening,

To every tear drop?

Who is listening,

To every wish I make?

I am troubled,

Are you listening?

I have been let down,

Can you pick me up?

I am crying,

Will you dry my tears?

My soul is dying,

Can you give me life?

I feel like giving up,

Will you help me walk this path?

As I sit and pray,

You listen to every word,

Now please take my hand and guide me,

Be my footprints in the sand.

Who is listening?

You are.

Who will answer me?

You will.

Who can help lead the way?

You can,

My footprints in the sand.


5 thoughts on ““Who Is Listening?”

  1. sirrah says:

    Two thoughts ran thru my mind.A song,and how damn swift this moves!
    This is a wonderful post,one that would shine spoken.

  2. this is fabulous Mary, and so very true!!!

  3. J Karen Carr says:

    Such a sense of hope and connection. You are a true poet!

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