“The Uninsured”



Do you ever feel this way?



More swelling everyday.


What’s in store,

They don’t listen to what you say.

No insurance,

For reassurance,

So they kick you out to your dismay.


It’s the look in your eyes,

But it is anger in which stays.

I felt neglected,

I feel rejected,

My emotions have been deflected.

7 thoughts on ““The Uninsured”

  1. I’m telling you…I really picture you singing this words on “YouTube”. Deep and very emotional. I like your deep thoughts here. 🙂

  2. Uzoma says:

    The one-worded lines deliver a special punch. Alone, they are very powerful. Overall, the words runs off smoothly when read out. I’m amazed at how you’ve painted the picture of a vulnerable persona who we all can identify with.

  3. i know what you are talking about, been there, seen that, but we should not let others crush our spirits, we are what we are, and if we cant change it then its our problem, it does not makes us worse/better than anyone else.

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