“My Angel In Disguise”

I love you,

I love you, My angel in disguise.

I am lost inside your eyes,

I feel you in my dreams,

You hold me in your arms, so close.

I love you,

I love you, My dream come true,

Do not release me, hold on tight.

I love you,

Words cannot express,

I love you, you filled my emptiness.

I love you,

You have made my dreams come true,

I love you, Just for being you,

So real and true.

9 thoughts on ““My Angel In Disguise”

  1. Uzoma says:

    There is so much tender sweetness in every line of this poem. My top two favorites: “I love you, My angel in disguise,””I am lost inside your eyes.”

    Everyone looks forward to falling in love with the right person. Those in love want to stay there…forever. It’s sad that love can hurt at times for a couple reasons.

    Thanks for the write, Mary.

  2. sirrah says:

    Pouring out emotions again.
    Feels good,doesn’t it!

  3. this is a poem about a true angel!

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