Once I knew a name,

Once I played the game,

Once I held such shame,

Once I felt much blame.

I had always wished for more,

As I cried, I fell to the floor,

I tried so hard to open a new door,

As I felt my life washing up ashore.

Finally I’d had it with all the tries,

It was then I suddenly realized,

That all of my lonely and hurtful cries,

Would soon be answered by his eyes.

I dreamt of another way,

I knew I’d be safe in his arms one day,

There was no more to think or say.

I was sure in my heart I would soon be okay.

Now I am thankful that the past has passed,

I am safe in his strong arms at last,

The future is all we together hold,

A lifetime of riches brighter than gold.


A mother’s true love,

Shows no boundary,

You provide to cold hands a glove,

You help me feel my safety.

Your smile lights up my day,

When I am feeling down,

You teach me another way,

To turn my life around.

You are my angel in disguise,

Always lending a helping hand,

The glistening in your eyes,

You are my footprints in the sand.

I am more grateful than you know,

For everything you do,

I see your bright aura glow,

My angel, my mother… I Love You!

“A Mother’s Unconditional Love” Dedicated to my mother, Jean Carr

“My Vision of You”

It took one glance,

To convince me to believe, in love at first sight,

My life carries very powerful chance,

You helped to show me a newfound light.

You came into my dream,

With all that you are, what keeps you strong,

I pondered this dream, and what it was to mean,

This was a vision, the beginning of song.

Some spoke of your non-existence,

Those tried to persuade me this would be a journey, so long,

Yet, I hung on, with lack of resistance.

The least I ever knew,

Never seemed to deter you away,

I was so much more to you,

Than I was to my own dismay.

A supportive and determined hand,

You held out in front of my mind’s eye,

Not a word did you speak, not a single command,

Your love told me to give my life one last try.

So why, my dear loved one,

Do we sit in the past, before one another?

Like the sound of a lighting bolt’s hum,

As it retreats back into the sky, as if afraid of its brother.

I pray to have that dream once again,

Filled with your joy and love,

For our eyes to meet, just as they met then,

 While leaving our hearts to rise above.

Only our fates lie ahead,

Leaving us with many questions,

Fate is one we should never dread,

Yet, life does not come with instructions.


The stars and the moons,

Galaxy upon galaxy,

Do not ask what you know is true,

Look to the sky and ask, “What is beyond me?”

The answers lie to all your questions,

In those bright orbits of fire,

There is no need to mention,

You will find what you desire.

If we as physical beings,

Could take off and fly,

If only we could grow wings,

We would find the answers to “What If?” and “Why?”

For now we can only imagine,

What lies deep within that tremendous sky,

And ponder on what would happen,

If we saw more than meets the eye.


Looking in the mirror,

I look once… I look twice,

Yet, I don’t see an image,

Until I close my eyes.

What is this vision?

Dreams with no meaning,

What shall I do,

With this I am seeing?

Where am I headed?

Seems like miles from gain,

Why am I embedded,

In a mound of pain?

So much confusion,

So much to ask,

Is this just an illusion?

Or possibly a mask?

I am lost in my own eyes,

Submersed in translation,

What can I call mine?

It seems there is no explanation.

An aura of bright light,

And this gives me a clue,

Should I live this life,

Always knowing what to do?

Do I hold my belief,

Where fate results in decision?

Or will it become a relief,

If I give into precision?

Light versus dark,

Joy versus Fear,

What will I embark?

Which of my fates are near?

So silent… So deadly,

So sad yet, so true,

Life is a medley,

Only meant for you.


What is beauty?

You are beauty,

I am beauty,

Together, we are beautiful.

Our eyes met,

We knew at that very moment,

There was no question about it,

We would be one.

With the same dreams,

The same ambitions,

In finding each other,

We have a promising future.

You have become a part of me,

A part of me I cannot deny,

I have become a part of you,

We have become one.

What is beauty?

You are beauty,

I am beauty,

Together, we are beautiful.

“Gone With the Wind”

Gone with the wind,

Like dreams you will never remember,

Like ocean waves as they descend,

Like warm air withdrawals in December.

Where do the dreams go?

Do they wash away like the ocean waves?

Or maybe they descend where the warm air blows?

Or possibly they do not ever stray.

What lies beyond what we think we’ve seen?

Maybe more than the average can feel,

Perhaps beautiful things and beautiful beings,

Perhaps what society knows to be surreal?

Do not ever doubt what you tend to doubt,

You never know, it may be true,

Whatever it may be about,

Give it a thought, as with most things you do.

Stop “sleeping” and open your eyes,

Many treasures will be revealed,

You will be in for a great surprise,

A paragon may become unsealed.

Gone with the wind is no small occurrence,

It all remains deep in our conscious,

All held there for reassurance,

Whatever it may be, only you can make sense of it.

“Panic Room”

One moment,

Full of life,

Seconds later,

I try to survive.

I feel myself slipping,

Deep into dark dreams,

I sense my chest gripping,

But can’t place what this means.

A strong intense shiver,

My body begins to quake,

My soul feels a quiver,

I am no longer awake.

My memory is gone,

There is darkness all around,

I do not feel strong,

When the panic surrounds.

All of a sudden,

I hear my name,

I feel like a burden,

So full of shame.

Now I am awake,

Yet, so unaware,

I’m surrounded by love,

I gave such a scare.

As my body aches,

From head to toe,

It is a feeling I believe,

Only I will know.

My mind is full of confusion,

I cannot seem to let it go,

I am over this intrusion,

Until, again, the panic shows.

“A Falling Star”

A small dream,

Held by a big heart,

A love lost,

Longing a new start.

With no other choice,

Drowning in tears,

Only some hear his voice,

Only some lend their ears.

A dark smile,

Followed by a bright light,

And soon enough,

It has taken his life.

Not knowing what to do,

Or where else to go,

He slipped into a dream,

Only he will know.

This mass of destruction,

Taken over by pain,

Has caused his obstruction,

Where there were miles to gain.

So young, yet, so old,

So childish but wise,

He felt extreme cold,

As he closed his eyes.

Though he had so much to learn,

And so much more to see,

He felt a feeling… a strong burn,

This was meant to be.

He was loved by one,

He was loved by all,

But he fell very hard,

And it became his last fall.

“Beauty Lies Outdoors”

Along a path I see many trees,

With colors of red, yellow and green,

As far as my eyes can possibly see,

Is this never-ending majesty.

The sky is perfectly blue,

With soft clouds in a white hue,

I hear the sounds of birds as they swoop,

Up and down in the search for food.

Off in the distance I listen to a waterfall,

The stream gleams like a crystal ball,

I would love to stand above it all,

Looking down where the water drops.

I feel I have walked along this path before,

Hand in hand with the one I adore,

I could not ever ask for more,

Beauty simply lies outdoors.