A couple of Haikus written just for me by a fellow blogger:

Talented Mary
Writes beautiful poetry
She has a big heart

Mary loves haikus
Like drops of dew they sparkle
They nourish the soul

Thank you for the wonderful poems, David!

Check out his blog by simply following this link: http://toofulltowrite.wordpress.com

Maybe he will write you a haiku, as well!


“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.”


“My Last Wishes”


To all my dearest friends,

To those who care and those who do not,

When it becomes my end,

Will you be there for me like I have thought?

When my body is laid to rest,

What will be said of me,

Will you all see I have always tried my best,

To be the best I could be?

When I am done with this life and move on,

Will you all truly miss me,

Will you gather, one by one,

Over my open casket, remembering who I used to be?

To all my friends so dear,

While I am lying on my death bed,

Will you all be near,

When I am pronounced dead?

Will you sing songs of wishes,

Will you hold my limp, lifeless hand,

And give me goodbye kisses,

Would you all take a stand?

To all my friends I love,

Please stay by my side,

As you watch my soul fly like a dove,

To what lies beyond the sky.


When I am with you,

It seems we are only friends,

Two people without a clue,

Like the beginning of the end.

You have something you must say,

I can see it in your eyes,

We didn’t mean for it to be this way,

A little sugar… too much spice.

Why can’t we get along?

Why do we constantly disagree?

Our lives are an unfinished song,

Will it end with us meant to be?

You do not open up,

To me, who you used to adore,

You make me feel like I have screwed up,

With your thoughts behind a deadlocked door.

I do not want to be alone,

Or blamed for your own ways,

I refuse to throw you another bone,

Or waste away the days.

“One Last Step”

If I had,

One last step,

Would it be,

Forward or backward?

Would I choose,

To see future,

Or see past,

Let me think.

I step forward,

What’s the point,

To see what,

I mustn’t know.

I step back,

Simply to remember,

What already happened,

My wonderful memories.

What’s the point,

To see future,

I only have,

One last step.

So I decide,

I stay put,

I am satisfied,

I’ve done well.

Random Entry:

Do not let others’ actions bring you down under any circumstances. Do not allow yourself to fall into any persons’ trap or stoop to their level. Only allow yourself to learn from them and move on, with your head held high, with your dreams and good intentions still in tact. Everything and every person enters your life for a reason, and no power can ever change this.

“Flight of a Dove”


What is love,

A feeling unexplained,

Visualize the flight of a dove,

Love is uncontained.

My heart is in a vise,

Held by ball and chain,

Wouldn’t it be nice,

To feel love again?

Try me,

Cry with me,

Love me,

Die with me.

Try me,

Sing with me,

Put your trust in me,

Dance all night with me.

Help me to love all,

Every living being,

You are the only one I can call,

You make my heart sing.

I have tried wishing upon a star,

Nothing came of that,

My mind races like that shooting star,

Around, around, and back.

You are my only solution,

You are my one true love,

You are my imagination,

You are the flight of the dove.