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Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

It appears nature had the last laugh, after twenty years of research the scientists are claiming that genetically modified seeds give lower yield, genetically alter the plants and don’t assure safety. The traditional style of agriculture outperforms these.

Fortunately Indian farmers have not started using these seeds for main crops like wheat or rice. The scientists are saying that the output of these seeds gets lesser with time, not only that they are not flexible, resilient or genetically diverse to fit in to climate change which brings extreme, unpredictable change in weather. They may cause irreversible change which may not be very welcome. Like toxin or allergen production, reduced or altered nutrition standard. Hope the message will be spread real quick.

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  1. Sharmishtha says:

    thanks a lot Mary. the thing that made me sad is after so many years of research they gave out the thing to farmers in wide scale and then realized that it can be harmful!

    poor farmers!

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