“Thief of Worry”



You wouldn’t knowingly let a thief into your home, inviting him to steal whatever he wanted out of your house, would you? There is no reason why you would do that. And yet, most of us do that very thing every single day – the thief is called “WORRY.” Worry robs us of living in the present moment; it robs us of remembering the gifts that we have in our lives and the abilities we have been given to deal with adversities. Most of all, it robs us of trust and faith in ourselves and loved ones who are always present, always here to help. It is time NOW to stop allowing the thief of happiness to enter your life.

“The Clock Watcher” (A Repost of my own)

As I sit here watching the clock,

Time seems like it’s moving too slow,

All that’s left to do is dream about,

Is how I could have so much more.

Life is only fair when you make it that way,

Until another day passes and you’ve turned your head away,

I feel my life is just moving so slow,

If I don’t start to run I may never know.

And it’s over now,

I must move on somehow,

No looking back,

To the place I left behind.

So I still sit watching the clock,

But the time means nothing to me,

All that’s left to do is live my dream,

Just the way it was supposed to be.