“My Quiet Place”

I sit here in my quiet place

Listening to the sounds of silence

They sound like waves crashing upon a sandy a shore

They sound like a thunder’s deep roar.

I sit here in my quiet place

Where my thoughts can come to words

My mind is completely swollen

With nothing more than my pleasant thoughts.

I sit here in my quiet place

Dreaming of what could be

Thinking of all the possibilities of this

This wild ride that is called “my life”.

I sit here in my quiet place

It’s a place I can only call mine

My place to be quite often

When I need my time to be alone.

I’m sure you have a quiet place

A place you feel so safe

A place you can be serene

A place you hold close to your heart.

Love this place with all that you have

Enjoy the relief it gives

Go to this quiet place quite often

And feel the calmness as often as you can.


I am the one who dreams the impossible
I am the one who forgives the unforgivable
I am the one who believes in a probable cause
I am the one who makes her life mean something more.
I look at life from the eyes of no regrets
I look at the meaning behind every story
I look at strangers with love and acknowledgment
I look at one’s shoes and wonder if my feet will fit.
I dream of a place where every being can survive as this
I dream of more possibilities than others may believe in
I dream of the truth and the reasons behind it
I dream of a much more beautiful reality.
I will never cease dreaming.

“Another One Bites The Dust”

Another one bites the dust
One which I cannot take back
It creeps its way into me like the night
It keeps me from missing daylight.
Another one bites the dust
From dusk till dawn like a viscous cycle
A never-ending battle against time
With which some would call a crime.
Another one bites the dust
It seals my fate of sleep deprivation
To dream such beautiful dreams once again
Would be this so-called spy’s true end.
Another one bites the dust
Another night in which I am wide awake
Another episode of this, I cannot trust
Another episode bites the dust.