I am the one who dreams the impossible
I am the one who forgives the unforgivable
I am the one who believes in a probable cause
I am the one who makes her life mean something more.
I look at life from the eyes of no regrets
I look at the meaning behind every story
I look at strangers with love and acknowledgment
I look at one’s shoes and wonder if my feet will fit.
I dream of a place where every being can survive as this
I dream of more possibilities than others may believe in
I dream of the truth and the reasons behind it
I dream of a much more beautiful reality.
I will never cease dreaming.


Silence is deadly
When words to be spoken
Are held back
Like guilty innocence.
Dreams of memories
Are all she holds on to
Words not to be spoken
Are heard with clarity.
She picks up her guitar
To say, to speak, to sing
Strumming with movement
Her body sways with the wind.
Beauty and lust        
Glowing off her smooth skin,
Her eyes meet his         
She is dreaming again.


Elegant, are the ocean waves,

Crashing upon the sandy shore,

Elegant, are the surrounding trees,

Full of brilliant colors for one to adore.

Elegant, is the luminous full moon,

Layering the town with its soft white light,

Elegant, is the radiant sun,

Glistening and warming everything in sight.

Elegant, is the Earth in its entirety,

Providing such beauty for all to see,

Elegant, are the people who care for the world,

Elegant, are you and me.


What is beauty?

You are beauty,

I am beauty,

Together, we are beautiful.

Our eyes met,

We knew at that very moment,

There was no question about it,

We would be one.

With the same dreams,

The same ambitions,

In finding each other,

We have a promising future.

You have become a part of me,

A part of me I cannot deny,

I have become a part of you,

We have become one.

What is beauty?

You are beauty,

I am beauty,

Together, we are beautiful.

“Gone With the Wind”

Gone with the wind,

Like dreams you will never remember,

Like ocean waves as they descend,

Like warm air withdrawals in December.

Where do the dreams go?

Do they wash away like the ocean waves?

Or maybe they descend where the warm air blows?

Or possibly they do not ever stray.

What lies beyond what we think we’ve seen?

Maybe more than the average can feel,

Perhaps beautiful things and beautiful beings,

Perhaps what society knows to be surreal?

Do not ever doubt what you tend to doubt,

You never know, it may be true,

Whatever it may be about,

Give it a thought, as with most things you do.

Stop “sleeping” and open your eyes,

Many treasures will be revealed,

You will be in for a great surprise,

A paragon may become unsealed.

Gone with the wind is no small occurrence,

It all remains deep in our conscious,

All held there for reassurance,

Whatever it may be, only you can make sense of it.

“Beauty Lies Outdoors”

Along a path I see many trees,

With colors of red, yellow and green,

As far as my eyes can possibly see,

Is this never-ending majesty.

The sky is perfectly blue,

With soft clouds in a white hue,

I hear the sounds of birds as they swoop,

Up and down in the search for food.

Off in the distance I listen to a waterfall,

The stream gleams like a crystal ball,

I would love to stand above it all,

Looking down where the water drops.

I feel I have walked along this path before,

Hand in hand with the one I adore,

I could not ever ask for more,

Beauty simply lies outdoors.