“Another One Bites The Dust”

Another one bites the dust
One which I cannot take back
It creeps its way into me like the night
It keeps me from missing daylight.
Another one bites the dust
From dusk till dawn like a viscous cycle
A never-ending battle against time
With which some would call a crime.
Another one bites the dust
It seals my fate of sleep deprivation
To dream such beautiful dreams once again
Would be this so-called spy’s true end.
Another one bites the dust
Another night in which I am wide awake
Another episode of this, I cannot trust
Another episode bites the dust.


“The Clock Watcher” (A Repost of my own)

As I sit here watching the clock,

Time seems like it’s moving too slow,

All that’s left to do is dream about,

Is how I could have so much more.

Life is only fair when you make it that way,

Until another day passes and you’ve turned your head away,

I feel my life is just moving so slow,

If I don’t start to run I may never know.

And it’s over now,

I must move on somehow,

No looking back,

To the place I left behind.

So I still sit watching the clock,

But the time means nothing to me,

All that’s left to do is live my dream,

Just the way it was supposed to be.