“The Uninsured”



Do you ever feel this way?



More swelling everyday.


What’s in store,

They don’t listen to what you say.

No insurance,

For reassurance,

So they kick you out to your dismay.


It’s the look in your eyes,

But it is anger in which stays.

I felt neglected,

I feel rejected,

My emotions have been deflected.


Looking in the mirror,

I look once… I look twice,

Yet, I don’t see an image,

Until I close my eyes.

What is this vision?

Dreams with no meaning,

What shall I do,

With this I am seeing?

Where am I headed?

Seems like miles from gain,

Why am I embedded,

In a mound of pain?

So much confusion,

So much to ask,

Is this just an illusion?

Or possibly a mask?

I am lost in my own eyes,

Submersed in translation,

What can I call mine?

It seems there is no explanation.

An aura of bright light,

And this gives me a clue,

Should I live this life,

Always knowing what to do?

Do I hold my belief,

Where fate results in decision?

Or will it become a relief,

If I give into precision?

Light versus dark,

Joy versus Fear,

What will I embark?

Which of my fates are near?

So silent… So deadly,

So sad yet, so true,

Life is a medley,

Only meant for you.

“Panic Room”

One moment,

Full of life,

Seconds later,

I try to survive.

I feel myself slipping,

Deep into dark dreams,

I sense my chest gripping,

But can’t place what this means.

A strong intense shiver,

My body begins to quake,

My soul feels a quiver,

I am no longer awake.

My memory is gone,

There is darkness all around,

I do not feel strong,

When the panic surrounds.

All of a sudden,

I hear my name,

I feel like a burden,

So full of shame.

Now I am awake,

Yet, so unaware,

I’m surrounded by love,

I gave such a scare.

As my body aches,

From head to toe,

It is a feeling I believe,

Only I will know.

My mind is full of confusion,

I cannot seem to let it go,

I am over this intrusion,

Until, again, the panic shows.