“My Last Wishes”


To all my dearest friends,

To those who care and those who do not,

When it becomes my end,

Will you be there for me like I have thought?

When my body is laid to rest,

What will be said of me,

Will you all see I have always tried my best,

To be the best I could be?

When I am done with this life and move on,

Will you all truly miss me,

Will you gather, one by one,

Over my open casket, remembering who I used to be?

To all my friends so dear,

While I am lying on my death bed,

Will you all be near,

When I am pronounced dead?

Will you sing songs of wishes,

Will you hold my limp, lifeless hand,

And give me goodbye kisses,

Would you all take a stand?

To all my friends I love,

Please stay by my side,

As you watch my soul fly like a dove,

To what lies beyond the sky.


The stars and the moons,

Galaxy upon galaxy,

Do not ask what you know is true,

Look to the sky and ask, “What is beyond me?”

The answers lie to all your questions,

In those bright orbits of fire,

There is no need to mention,

You will find what you desire.

If we as physical beings,

Could take off and fly,

If only we could grow wings,

We would find the answers to “What If?” and “Why?”

For now we can only imagine,

What lies deep within that tremendous sky,

And ponder on what would happen,

If we saw more than meets the eye.