Today is the day,

Today I feel I am so strong,

Today this will go my way,

Today, nothing can go wrong.

Tomorrow I will look back to today,

Tomorrow I will see what I have overcome,

Tomorrow I will not turn my head away,

Tomorrow, I will finish what I have wanted for so long.

It has been meant to be,

This strength that has come over me,

Soon enough you will all see,

Conquered, I am free.

Once I knew a name,

Once I played the game,

Once I held such shame,

Once I felt much blame.

I had always wished for more,

As I cried, I fell to the floor,

I tried so hard to open a new door,

As I felt my life washing up ashore.

Finally I’d had it with all the tries,

It was then I suddenly realized,

That all of my lonely and hurtful cries,

Would soon be answered by his eyes.

I dreamt of another way,

I knew I’d be safe in his arms one day,

There was no more to think or say.

I was sure in my heart I would soon be okay.

Now I am thankful that the past has passed,

I am safe in his strong arms at last,

The future is all we together hold,

A lifetime of riches brighter than gold.