“My Last Wishes”


To all my dearest friends,

To those who care and those who do not,

When it becomes my end,

Will you be there for me like I have thought?

When my body is laid to rest,

What will be said of me,

Will you all see I have always tried my best,

To be the best I could be?

When I am done with this life and move on,

Will you all truly miss me,

Will you gather, one by one,

Over my open casket, remembering who I used to be?

To all my friends so dear,

While I am lying on my death bed,

Will you all be near,

When I am pronounced dead?

Will you sing songs of wishes,

Will you hold my limp, lifeless hand,

And give me goodbye kisses,

Would you all take a stand?

To all my friends I love,

Please stay by my side,

As you watch my soul fly like a dove,

To what lies beyond the sky.


“Beauty Lies Outdoors”

Along a path I see many trees,

With colors of red, yellow and green,

As far as my eyes can possibly see,

Is this never-ending majesty.

The sky is perfectly blue,

With soft clouds in a white hue,

I hear the sounds of birds as they swoop,

Up and down in the search for food.

Off in the distance I listen to a waterfall,

The stream gleams like a crystal ball,

I would love to stand above it all,

Looking down where the water drops.

I feel I have walked along this path before,

Hand in hand with the one I adore,

I could not ever ask for more,

Beauty simply lies outdoors.